The Alexa Factor in Healthcare

The ‘Alexa-fication’ of healthcare: 3 key insights into virtual care

As patients’ out-of-pocket healthcare costs continue to rise, healthcare organizations must work to deliver convenient, quality care that’s worth the price. In this consumer-driven environment, research and experience shows that patients are shifting towards convenience and cost which is forcing many to rethink their healthcare strategy.

“[If] you’re now paying for a much bigger portion of your healthcare than you used to, it’s not really that different than any other major purchase. Car, house, vacation, whatever it may be, you’re taking your dollars and trying to get the best bang for the buck,” Dr. Monteverdi said. “It’s a new world for healthcare to deal with … no matter which side of equation you’re on — payer, provider or patient.”

The consumerization of care has pushed telemedicine and virtual care forward, Dr. Monteverdi said during a Feb. 28 webinar sponsored by Lenovo Health and hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review. Dr. Monteverdi was joined by Vianova Health CEO Farhad Chowdhury and Health Innovation Think Tank Co-Founder and Industry Strategist Justin T. Barnes. The presenters discussed how virtual care could enhance patient care, as well as best practices for implementation.

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