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Strategy starts with great vision and ends with precision execution. Justin and his team have a deep passion for accelerating corporate growth through strategic planning, team motivation, thoughtful leadership, refined demand generation, and optimized sales execution.

Growth Performance is a leading sales enablement and demand generation consulting firm specializing in the healthcare and technology sectors. We combine research, strategic planning, sales, marketing, and public policy insights to drive scalable growth for our clients. By leveraging proven best practices and deep domain expertise, we deliver integrated solutions that help organizations navigate complex market dynamics, achieve sustainable success, and increase shareholder value.



Justin has spent over 25 years as a growth and innovation expert.


Trusted by Congress and the past five U.S. Presidents.


Justin works to understand and roadmap your vision.


for companies, entrepreneurs, organizations, health systems, and associations.


Go from the big picture down to practical application.

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*Based on average performance across various client projects

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How can Justin and his team serve you?

What strategic gaps does your organization need to fill?

Board of Advisors and Directors

Our advisory services provide strategic insights and governance to enhance your board’s effectiveness.

Strategic Partnerships & Acquisitions

Identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities that align with your business goals, driving growth and market expansion.

Demand Generation

Tailored strategies to drive your growth.

Thought Leadership

Establish your brand as an industry leader through expert opinions, innovative ideas, and forward-thinking strategies that set you apart from the competition

Business Development

Expand your market presence and drive growth through targeted business development initiatives that identify new opportunities and foster client relationships.

Sales Strategy & Coaching

Empowering your sales team with the tools they need.

Corporate Development

Strengthen your company’s market position through corporate strategies, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic investments that propel long-term growth.

Product Innovation & Roadmaps

Develop cutting-edge products and strategic roadmaps that align with market needs and technological advancements, ensuring sustained innovation and competitiveness.

Team Building & Acquisition

Build and acquire high-performing teams that drive company success. Our services focus on recruiting top talent and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented culture.

Investment & Fundraising

Secure the capital needed to fuel your business growth. We provide expert guidance on investment strategies and fundraising campaigns to attract investors.

Keynotes & Speeches

Engage and inspire your audience with impactful keynotes and speeches delivered by industry leaders and experts, tailored to your event’s objectives

Public Policy

Navigate the complexities of public policy and regulatory environments. Our services help you influence policy, stay compliant, and advocate for industry advancements.

Your Strategic Roadmap

Follow the three critical waypoints on the path to success.

1 Vision

Does your organization need help defining or refining its strategic vision? What about communicating the vision to the team and roadmapping the work needed to achieve the desired goal? Justin can help rally the troops, build buy-in and elicit the action you need to pull your organization in the right direction.

2 Strategy

Can you benefit from tapping the experience, expertise and resources of someone who’s been there before – at the highest corporate and industry levels? From the last three presidential administrations to titans of industry, Justin has been in the strategic trenches to maximize growth and value to every organization for which he has partnered.

3 Execution

From Board of Directors Support and Board of Advisors Collaboration to Team Leadership and Go-to-Market Strategy Execution, Justin and his team have multiple growth and execution strategies to drive immediate value.

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