Health Innovation Think Tank Opens Door for Actionable Change

Nearly 200 cross-industry thought leaders build pathways to address healthcare disruption

ATLANTA—August 19, 2019—The Health Innovation Think Tank, a diverse group of healthcare leaders, innovators and policymakers, announces the availability of key takeaways and actionable best practices for healthcare organizations from one of their five recent events.

Formed in 2017, the Health Innovation Think Tank includes nearly 200 cross-industry thought leaders. The group provides a new and dynamic platform for the most brilliant minds in healthcare to convene and collaborate on such topics as value-based care, consumerism, virtual care, social determinants of health, innovation and leadership best practices.

“From consumerization to new vertical partnerships such as Haven and Allscripts-Lyft, executives across all sectors face rapid disruption of conventional healthcare models,” said Justin Barnes, co-founder, Health Innovation Think Tank. Health systems, policymakers, providers, payers and solution vendors meeting in separate silos to discuss best practices and share knowledge, rarely benefit from broader, cross-industry expert discussions. Our Think Tank solves that challenge.

“As a member of the Health Innovation Think Tank, I value the opportunity to discuss the complex concepts and problems facing healthcare leaders today,” said Leigh T. Williams, Director, Enterprise Systems, University of Virginia Health System. “The level of understanding and thought leadership my colleagues bring to the conversation is unparalleled. I always glean new ways of thinking and innovative solutions through their professional insights and perspectives.”

This Think Tank provides a new venue for communication and collaboration. The group allows all leaders the opportunity to share and learn on a higher level. Each event includes guest discussion catalysts, public policy updates, executive education and three relevant topics for peer-to-peer strategy and idea sharing. Collectively, the group brainstorms solutions to industry challenges such as evolving care models, shifting healthcare dynamics, innovation adoption and how to close healthcare gaps. Every event yields key takeaways and best practices that can be used to implement actionable strategies within every sector of healthcare.

The group has two invitation-only events on the horizon with one in the planning stages for this fall as well as one next spring during HIMSS20 in Orlando. Featured topics include price transparency, social determinants of health, innovation, leadership and the latest public policy as well as industry strategy updates. Interested health system, provider, payer and solution vendor executives can learn more by contacting the Health Innovation Think Tank at

About Health Innovation Think Tank
The Health Innovation Think Tank brings together diverse groups of healthcare leaders, innovators and policymakers to identify best practices and strategies that will improve care quality, increase care access, enhance patient engagement and reduce unnecessary costs. The Think Tank has also hosted future casting sessions to collaborate on the direction of healthcare and health innovation over the next five to seven years.
The Think Tank’s goal is to share ideas, discuss strategies that work, identify industry gaps and uncover opportunities. Key takeaways and best practices are published from each event with concise content that healthcare industry stakeholders can deploy within their own communities.

Think Tank Contact:
Justin Barnes, Co-Founder
Health Innovation Think Tank

Media Contact:
Beth Friedman, Founder and CEO
Agency Ten22