Webinar – Optimizing CCM & RPM for Athena Customers

Justin Barnes joined ChronicCareIQ to discuss chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) best practices. If you currently care for chronic care patients or would like to start, we invite you to learn how to get reimbursed for the important work you’re already doing.

  • Handle patients from various physician practices
  • Have access to an enterprise dashboard & reporting
  • Automate your time tracking
  • Detail accounting of care plans & patient adherence
  • Diversify range of solutions
  • White-labeled platform to your brand
  • Uphold HIPAA compliance

You’ll quickly realize how straightforward it has become to:

  • Make complex patients easier to care for
  • Improve care quality scores
  • Decrease hospitalizations by 10-30%
  • Achieve increased reimbursement by 5-25%+
  • Increase referrals

Optimizing CCM and RPM for Athena Customers