Do you need a dynamic speaker with practical experience who can propel your team to new heights or through uncharted territory? Do you need a motivator? An innovator? A leader? An expert?

Health IT Week on Capitol Hill

Justin is a public speaker on the state of healthcare in America focused on best practices and strategies that can be implemented by healthcare providers, organizations, innovators or any entity looking to successfully navigate our nation’s heathcare transformation.

The items below reflect the content of Justin’s latest presentations, webinars and keynotes:

  • Best Practices to Thrive in Healthcare Today
  • Health Innovation Think Tank Key Takeaways & Best Practices
  • Strategies to Engage Consumerism and Patient Empowerment


If your organization requires next-level leadership advice, training or just a little inspiration, the Justin Barnes Speakers Bureau will not only challenge your audience to want to reach higher goals; Justin will arm them with the practical techniques, tools and shortcuts they need to actually achieve them—quickly.

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Slide “As a board advisor, Justin has been essential
to Gozio Health’s growth. From market and product
strategy to lead generation and fundraising, Justin has
been a tremendous asset for my company.”
— Joshua Titus, CEO, Gozio Health
Slide “Justin Barnes has a rare balance of insightful vision and ability to execute.
Few people can lead others as effectively with such diplomacy and ease.
I've known Justin as a competitor and as a client for five years—and he has
an idealistic tenacity within this health IT industry that is exemplary. I've
never seen Justin shy away from doing whatever it takes to make things
happen—no matter how lofty or granular the task.”
— Julia Zarb, Program Director, University of Toronto
Slide “Justin has a superior ability to understand the value sets of disparate
parties trying to achieve consensus, and successfully negotiate obstacles
to achieving that consensus. His political acumen is also superb, and his
work towards guiding legislative efforts further healthcare information
technology has not only benefited the industry, but consumers of
healthcare as well.” — Michael McCoy, MD
Slide “Justin has been a great advisor to ePatientFinder.
From industry strategy, to corporate & business
development, to marketing & public relations
Justin has generated outstanding value
to my company.” —Tom Dorsett, CEO, ePatientFinder
Slide “ I have worked with Justin in a wide range of environments and
appreciate the skill, confidence and consistency he brings to any
endeavor. I’ve seen Justin work skillfully with various groups
and people on important issues that had often had individuals
with very strong and even sometimes difficult personalities.
Justin will always fairly and skillfully work the issue or
problem at hand.” —Lisa Spellman, Senior Director, HIMSS
Achieved $750 million worth of exits
(*$14.7B inc. McKesson)
Built business from $1-$150
million in annual revenue
A leader in innovation
for over 20 years
Testified on Capitol
Hill 23 times
Built 7 dynamic teams
& companies
Advised last 3 presidential

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